Providing More Than Beautiful Smiles

At Bright 32 Family Dentistry we are all about you. We care about you not only as a patient but as a person. We are committed to helping you learn about your oral and overall health, understand your treatment solutions, and help you make decisions that are best for you and your care. We understand what it’s like to be anxious when visiting the dentist, so that’s why we create a welcoming and friendly environment so each of our patients can leave feeling comfortable and at ease. 

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Our team has the advanced training needed to spot hidden sleep apnea causes and come up with an individualized treatment plan, all while making you feel like a member of our family.

Cosmetic Orthodontics

Dr. Brenner uses Cosmetic Orthodontics not only to straighten your smile, but also to correct underlying issues with bone structure and jaw alignment that will result in a healthy smile.

Same Day Crowns & 3D Imaging

Using our high end technology like our CEREC Machine, 3-D imaging, and same day crowns, we deliver faster and higher quality treatment all with a comfortable experience!

Sleep Apnea Can Be Dangerous, Bright 32 Dentistry Can Help

Sleep disordered breathing is a common yet under-diagnosed condition from which many Americans unknowingly suffer. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) may be the root cause for many common signs and symptoms such as snoring, fatigue, TMJ or jaw pain, tooth grinding, ringing in the ears, and migraines or frequent headaches. Dr. Brenner and the team at Bright 32 offer comprehensive airway evaluation and treatment for lasting relief and improved overall health.

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Why Choose Us?

Your Treatment. Your Decision.

At Bright 32 Family Dentistry we want to make sure our patients know their treatment is their decision. Our top priority is to educate and inform our patients of the treatment we recommend, but it is always your decision to receive our care.

100% Personalized Care

Dr. Brenner understands that no two patients have the same story. This is why each of our patients are provided with 100% personalized care that fits each individual’s needs. Our team is here to not only improve your smile, but your overall quality of life as well.

Family-Oriented Office

At Bright 32 Family Dentistry, Dr. Jordan Brenner and his team are dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care in a safe and comforting environment for all of your family’s oral health needs. We can’t wait to meet you and have you join our dental family.

At-Home Virtual Consultations

We know you’re busy, so we’ve made things easier. With at-home virtual consultations, Dr. Brenner can evaluate your needs before you ever step foot into our office. Whether it’s an emergency, or you need a second opinion, we are here to help!

Meet Dr. Jordan Brenner

My team members and I are committed to providing the highest quality of dental care for our patients. Through education and treatment, we are able to help our patients obtain a healthier life. We hope that each of our patients are invested into not only improving their oral health, but their overall health as much as we are! My team and I enjoy getting to know everyone and love hearing stories about their families and lives. We respect our patient’s time and needs, and put their best interests above all. I am fortunate to have a wonderful team and patients that help me look forward to coming to work each day.

My team and I strive to create a welcoming and friendly environment for our patients. Each appointment should be comfortable, informative and effective. Dentistry is my passion. I love helping patients attain and maintain beautiful, healthy smiles. My hope is for patients to leave confident and happy with their experience.

Airway Resources

Our Brightest Reviews

“Dr. Brenner and the staff are amazing! Always friendly, fun but with a professional atmosphere. I appreciate the little extra things they do to make the patients experience positive such as blood pressure checks to a hot hand towel at the end of your cleaning. I always trust their advice and appreciate them implementing forward thinking dental technology!”

Amelia J.

via Facebook

“You probably wouldn't be able to guess but Dr. Jordan Brenner is why I sleep at night. He took a few minutes looking in my mouth and asked me if I had sleep apnea. I had never been checked for it so he asked me to talk to my GP about it. I got my sleep study done right away. Sure enough I stop breathing 60 times per hour. I have a new lease on life now! I have energy and I've lost weight! So not only is he a fabulous dentist with a gentle touch and educating manner, he can change how you sleep which can change your life.”

Miriam K.

via Yelp

“The staff here are genuinely caring people and treat you like family. They noticed how much my kids have grown in the last 6 months. I had some issues with fillings that were replaced.  But Dr. Brenner would call and ask how things were, ask if I needed another adjustment and discuss options. It’s really comforting to know they care.”

Melanie P.

via Facebook

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