Cosmetic Dentistry can Save Your Smile

When it comes to a smile makeover, there is no better place than Bright 32 Family Dentistry for personalized care. Our goal is to create a smile you are proud of and deliver dramatic results. Whether you are looking to make a minor cosmetic change or a complete smile transformation, Bright 32 Family Dentistry offers all areas of cosmetic dentistry. 

Brighter Teeth. Brighter Smile. 

A brighter smile is one of the most popular goals and there is no simpler treatment than teeth whitening. We proudly offer KOR teeth whitening, a professional teeth bleaching system that features both in-office and at-home treatments for the more effective results. Dr. Brenner and his skilled team is here to help give you the confidence you deserve with stunning, bright teeth. 

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A Simpler Way to Straighten Your Smile.

If you are looking to make a dramatic smile makeover, cosmetic orthodontics or dental veneers may be the best options for you. Cosmetic orthodontics are the best solution for helping you straighten your teeth with clear aligners in the most discreet way. No one will even notice you are in the process of straightening your smile. Many people will plan for dental veneers once their teeth are in the proper position to correct any minor imperfections like deep staining or uneven sized teeth. Dental veneers are a great cosmetic solution for many who are looking to make a conservative, but permanent change to their smiles.

Our team at Bright 32 is one-of-a-kind in that we provide the highest quality cosmetic treatment, but in the most comprehensive way. You will leave with an improved smile, but most importantly compassionate and gentle care that you and your family deserve.

Our Brightest Reviews

“Dr. Brenner and the staff are amazing! Always friendly, fun but with a professional atmosphere. I appreciate the little extra things they do to make the patients experience positive such as blood pressure checks to a hot hand towel at the end of your cleaning. I always trust their advice and appreciate them implementing forward thinking dental technology!”

Amelia J.

via Facebook

“You probably wouldn't be able to guess but Dr. Jordan Brenner is why I sleep at night. He took a few minutes looking in my mouth and asked me if I had sleep apnea. I had never been checked for it so he asked me to talk to my GP about it. I got my sleep study done right away. Sure enough I stop breathing 60 times per hour. I have a new lease on life now! I have energy and I've lost weight! So not only is he a fabulous dentist with a gentle touch and educating manner, he can change how you sleep which can change your life.”

Miriam K.

via Yelp

“The staff here are genuinely caring people and treat you like family. They noticed how much my kids have grown in the last 6 months. I had some issues with fillings that were replaced.  But Dr. Brenner would call and ask how things were, ask if I needed another adjustment and discuss options. It’s really comforting to know they care.”

Melanie P.

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